CeramicSpeed Oversized Pulley Wheel System - Reliability Test - 2

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Mounting the CeramicSpeed Oversized Pulley Wheel System is not a problem, but it is also true that it takes some technical skill and the right tools. The instructions are precise, we see step by step how to do it.

First we put the bike on the stand workshop, after it is cleaned well.

Then we remove the rear wheel.

At this point, with a gripper we open the chain.


It must be considered that for some chains should be the appropriate laddered chain and a further closing part, as for example in Campagnolo chains, which can not be easily removed (by contrast do not open accidentally ...).

At this point, we can remove the cage pulleys, unscrewing the two screws; at this point we remove the two pulleys and semi rear cage.

In the specific case of the SRAM Force groupset, to remove the seeds front cage, we open the small tab that locks inside the gearbox and we can pull out the spring itself and the semi cage.

At this point, we take the gear and we have to do is place it in the cage of CeramicSpeed pulleys.

Replace inside the gearbox and lock it with the screw.

The gearbox is running again …

Just replace the wheel and chain.

No adjustment is needed, as we ourselves have detected.

But we must recognize that the assembly requires a minimum of experience and knowledge of the bicycle and its components, so it's not for everyone and also in consideration of the prices of products is better to rely on a skilled mechanic, who in about one hour of work will remove the old pulleys and replace the new ones.

In the next article we will see the first impressions.




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