Muc-Off Announces Launch of Shaving Cream

Developed with both the face and body in mind, Muc-Off will announce the addition of a Shaving Cream to its Athlete Performance range.

The unique viscosity of the formula has been designed to stay on the skin when shaving in the bath or shower, even when directly submerged in water. This makes it much easier for users to know exactly which parts of the body have and have not been shaved.

Containing Japanese Tsubaki Oil, even the roughest skin will be left feeling beautifully soft and nourished after a shave. A built-in cooling function helps to protect against irritation, nicks and cuts. Muc-Off’s Shaving Cream is designed for both hard and soft waters and will help remove even the tiniest of unwanted hairs.

Jason Bradwell, Senior PR and Communications Executive at Muc-Off, said:

We’re extremely proud to be launching our Shaving Cream, a product that has undergone some serious product development over the last 18 months. The unique manufacturing technique we use, which folds air into the cream in a certain way creating a thicker viscosity, separates us from the majority of existing, off-the-shelf shaving creams that come off easily in water.”

Muc-Off’s Shaving Cream will come in a 250ml tub and will be available in the UK and Europe from February 2017. It will retail at £15 / €17.95.

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