Muc-Off announces Launch of Classics Lube for Harsh Weather Conditions

Muc-Off will announce the launch of a super-thick hydrodynamic lube, a product developed specifically at the request of Team Sky to withstand the harsh conditions encountered during the Classics Season.

Leveraging the formulation of the hugely popular Team Sky Hydrodynamic Lube, the increased viscosity of the Classics Lube can easily cope with the increased road grime picked up during rides in brutal weather conditions or Cyclocross events.

Each handmade batch takes hours of painstaking work to deliver a highly advanced lube, reaching previously unobtainable levels of lubrication and protection.

Alex Trimnell, CEO of Muc-Off, said:

Historically mechanics will just paint grease on the chain of riders during events like the European Classic. Whilst our Hydrodynamic Lube works fantastically in these conditions, athletes still want to a thick coating when riding in bad weather. That’s why we thickened our formula for Team Sky, who couldn’t have been happier with the results.”

Muc-Off’s Classics Lube will come in a 150ml tub and be available from January 2017. It will retail at £20 / € 34.95 / $29.99.

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