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Dominik Hrinkow, 25, Vorarlberg Team racer – 1st, Tchibo Top Rad Liga Overall Team 2012 – rides the featherweight all-carbon Senso Miles II saddle from Velo’s top performance line.


Mauricio Frazer, 29, professional road racer for the international Start Cycling Team, rides the ultra-light, all-carbon Senso Miles SL 1501.


Dominik Hrinkow: “Feel the Form” – lightness, comfort and stability

"The moment I take a saddle into my hands, I can feel immediately whether it’s right for me or not.” Tchibo’s Top Rad Liga winner gives his tips on choosing a saddle, and names the three major properties that determine the quality and excellence of a saddle, what he calls the Winning Potential. “For road racing it’s important to have a light saddle. This is why I prefer a saddle with light carbon rails. A smaller saddle supports my lower riding position. Moreover, the design should be aerodynamic.”

Spending hours in the saddle on challenging and brutal alpine runs, Hrinkow knows that the 2nd most important criterion is comfort. “On seemingly endless endurance runs, a saddle that doesn’t ‘sit’ is a problem. Over the long haul, continuous top performance can only be achieved when the saddle form truly fits me.” 3rd and equally important is the rail suspension system. Summing up, Hrinkow says, “Without proper stiffness and resiliency, every bump and uneven patch on the road is a torment for the rider. My Senso Miles II from Velo is the best!”

Technology that wins

After riding the Senso Miles II the entire 2013 Season, Dominik Hrinkow knows he’s made the optimum choice. The carbon fiber injection base gives a new quality to saddle lightness and comfort. “My Miles II is ultra-light, weighing just 163 grams, but buoyant and stabile. There’s no fatigue, because it ideally supports my body weight.” The saddle’s microfiber outer layer gives the added comfort plus: “The breathable saddle cover with strategic light foam inserts ensures cushioned, “non-stick” cool on any road, in any weather.” Further enhancing the stability of Miles II is the all-carbon ArcTech rail suspension. “It’s feather-light, so it doesn’t weigh my bike down, and resilient, so it absorbs the bumps before they reach me. It gives me full stability and top tempo on any stretch of road.


Mauricio Frazer: “Posture is everything” – all power into forward motion


The riding position for road racing is slightly bent forward. The saddle has to support this position and I have chosen the Senso Miles SL 1501 by this criterion,” Start Cycling pro Mauricio Frazer explains his choice. “For road racing, it’s important to have a saddle that keeps you riding comfortably on every possible road condition, without breaking tact,” he confides. Riding every possible terrain on three continents, Frazer switched to Senso last spring. “I never thought comfort and performance could team up so well,” he praises his saddle.


Riding posture is everything. The firm but elastic component structure and aerodynamic form make my Miles SL not just good and stiff, but actually totally comfortable. My entire power goes into forward pedaling motion. The ingenious ergonomic padding and structure leave me with no chafing or numbness after a long run – and no fatigue! Weighing just 115 grams, the Senso Miles SL 1501 is better than any other saddle I’ve ever ridden!”

High on quality – tuned to win

My Miles SL 1501 saddle from Velo’s Senso line always tops the grade.” Mauricio went on to tell us why first-rate saddle technology is as important as any other feature on his Road machine. “This really light saddle weighs just 115 grams, performs flawlessly and keeps my speed up perfectly. It also maintains a steady comfort level throughout the toughest riding and most extreme weather conditions. That's why I recommend Velo saddles to all our team’s fans: they’ve developed a really great product at an excellent price.”

Senso pro-rider technology

Dominik Hrinkow, Mauricio Frazer and all the members of both the Vorarlberg and Start Cycling Road Teams profit from – and are themselves a part of – Velo’s on-going research and development program. Dedicated to developing the perfect saddle for every cycling disciple and rider, Senso professional saddles are developed upon the results of genuine competition and training situations. Top athletes in all cycling disciplines give Velo continuous feedback on quality, material and technologies – providing crucial input and setting new accents and goals for future development. With this invaluable testimony, Velo up-dates its product design continually to fulfill the ever-growing demand for state-of-the art performance at an attractive price.

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