Choosing the right saddle for your individual riding style is not easy to define and according to founder and saddle expert at Velo Enterprise, Stella Yu, each saddle is created for a specific type of riding style and cyclist. To give you a basic overview of the different riding disciplines and what type of saddle is required for each, we asked six of our Senso sponsored athletes to give a breakdown of what types of characteristics they look for when choosing a saddle for the specific disciplines in Road Racing and Freeride Mountainbiking.






1. Characteristics of saddle for Road Racing




A single saddle can have a wide range of attributes; from light, strong, slim, and firm to comfortable, small or aerodynamic. Each of these characteristics supports a very different purpose when riding. For example in Road Racing, a saddle needs to support the rider for extended periods of time, whereas in MTB, it must support during tumbles.




One of our sponsored athletes, Dominik Hrinkow of the Vorarlberg Austrian Road Racing Team explains that the characteristics that are most importance for him are that the saddle is light, slim and aerodynamic. “In Road Racing, it is important to have a light saddle, which is why I need something that has light carbon rails. Moreover, it needs to be small and aerodynamic to support a lower riding position when competing.”



As a professional road racer, Dominik uses the Senso Miles II saddles, which has become a favorite with many competition riders as it provides more comfort and flexibility when riding but maintains good traction. This particular racing model is available with a carbon fiber base in two rail versions; the already light saddle becomes even lighter with all-carbon rail option. Additional features of the popular Miles II saddle are the patented ArcTech® suspension system and light foam padding, giving strategic comfort without the weight as well as the microfiber cover that provides a comfortable riding experience and a pleasant feel.



Teammate and Senso sponsored athlete, Diego Ares, shares his thoughts on the value of comfort when competing, “The right shape is important! We ride long distances and if you have the wrong shape, you are sure to experience some unpleasant pain, which makes it more difficult to concentrate on the race.”




Diego Ares rides the Senso Miles III Carbon, one of the lightest competition saddles of its class. The firm but elastic component structure and light suspension system unites flexibility with stability in true aerodynamic form. The extreme lightness of this saddle is supported by technical refinements such as the carbon fiber injection in the saddle’s base and the patented ArcTech® carbon rail system. These are the qualities that riders look for most when keeping overall bike weight low and cycling performance highest. The microfiber saddle cover and O-Zone Airflow system ensure high comfort at any prevailing temperature.




For more information on Senso’s sponsored athletes or about Senso Miles Series, please click here.





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