MTB athletes, particularly those who specialize in Freestyle and Dirt riding, often express their personalities through their bikes and equipment. For Freerider Pavel Alekhin, that expression came in the form of a custom designed zebra-striped saddle from Velo atop his Merida bicycle.

Velo Enterprise is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of bicycle saddles, grips and handlepar tapes and caters its products towards the needs of its consumers. For its Senso sponsored athlete, Velo designed a unique zebra saddle for the eccentric and individual style of Alekhin, who freerides as an MTBer for the Merida Velo team.

In team competitions, the colors of the cyclists’ saddles generally represent their team’s respective colors. For the Austrian Team Vorarlberg, one of Velo’s sponsored teams, their saddles are black, green and white, as are the team’s jerseys and road bikes. For Senso New Hero Tanja Hendrysiak, the saddle maker custom designed 35 women’s saddles in purple for her Purple TaSte camps.

Velo’s Senso saddle line has been frequently reviewed by athletes in relation to quality, material and technologies as well as the latest trends and designs as a part of their daily use in training and competitions. Through this feedback, Velo is able to stay ahead of the curve in product range and design, supporting its mission of supplying the market with top quality saddles that incorporate leading technologies and are available in a broad range of designs for every riding discipline.



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