Introducing SRAM RED® eTap® HRD

Control. It’s what makes speed possible. Because the less time you spend slowing down, the more time you can spend enjoying that hard-earned speed.

Introducing SRAM RED® eTap® HRD. Where SRAM’s most advanced road hydraulic braking platform meets the precise wireless electronic shifting of eTap®. Simpler shifting, better braking — all in the name of true advancement.

Utilizing SRAM’s new HydroHC™ brake platform, SRAM RED® eTap® HRD combines the unconditional braking performance and control of hydraulic disc brakes with the adjustability of conventional rim brakes.

With both Contact Point Adjustment™ and independent Reach Adjust™, regardless of hand size or brake feel preference, riders can achieve their ideal brake setup.

When this adjustability is matched with SRAM’s unparalleled brake modulation control and advanced heat-management technology, the most harrowing descents become merely line choice exercises.

We’ve also simplified brake setup and maintenance with SRAM RED® eTap® HRD. Our new Stealth-a-Majig™ brake hose fitting paired with a revised hose barb and new threaded olive make initial setup fast and easy. And our Bleeding Edge™ brake fluid-management technology enables quick and consistent brake bleeds.

Add to all of this the intuitive, smooth, and consistent shifting of SRAM RED® eTap® and you have the best of both worlds: Absolute control over braking and shifting, right at your fingertips.


Improved ergonomics including a smaller diameter hood for more finger wrap

Contact Point Adjustment™ lets you custom tune when your brakes engage—a first for HRD

An independent Reach Adjust™ makes it easy to adjust your brake lever position for maximum one-finger control

Bleeding Edge™ technology for quick, hassle-free bleeds

Class-leading heat-management technologies—heat shield, insulated aluminum pistons, and a wider pad pocket—help HydroHC™ improve on HydroR™’s already impressive heat management capabilities.

Responsive lever feel for better control, featuring a light lever stroke with distinct contact point and snappy return

SRAM eTap® shift logic for intuitive and reliable shifting

Secure wireless connection via AIREA™ network for fast and clean installation


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