A high end semi-round shape suitable mainly for Road use.


The semi-round shape is more adaptable to riders that have good lumbar flexibility. The shell is manufactured with the C3 technology: a special carbon compound that is able to feature a very lightweight shell (70 grams) maintaining excellent stability and performance.

The NAGO C3 CPC “AIRING” features the highest level of comfort and performance combined with extreme lightweight, thanks to the variable special multi-density padding in combination with CPC “AIRING”. This maximizes the support and comfort to the cyclist.

The innovative CPC “AIRING” system is an hexagonal 3D nano polymer that is raised a few decimeters of millimeters from the saddle cover. Cyclist’s comfort and performance are highly increased.

Prologo’s R&D have developed this innovation with the help of the best World Tour teams.

The main benefits of the CPC “AIRING” are:

maximum shock absorbing

helps to keep perfect positioning on the saddle during the pedaling stroke

maximum grip

increases comfort and performance in all weather conditions

increase air flow on the sitting platform

Compared to the standard version, the new CPC “AIRING” has increased the air flow by 10%, the shock absorbing by 15%, and also the grip.

The NAGO C3 CPC “AIRING” is available with the NACK rail (special nano Carbon structure integrated with Kevlar and alloy fibers) with an oversize oval section 7x9,3 mm.


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