New Quarq Prime Power Ready Cranksets to ship on 2017 bicycles

When Quarq, maker of high-quality bicycle power meters, set out to create its next-generation DZero power meter platform*, the company decided to tackle another challenge -- how to make it easier for consumers to reach the next level with an easy-to-choose, easy-to-install power meter for OEM bikes?

The answer: The Quarq Prime Power Ready Crankset. Available in carbon and forged aluminum, it fits hand-in-glove with the upcoming Quarq DZero Power Meter spider.

Bike makers Canyon, Felt, Fuji and Trek are already shipping 2017 bicycle models equipped with Quarq Prime Power Ready Cranksets. The add-on spider can be easily installed on any bicycle equipped with Quarq Prime.

We know that more bicyclists, in every discipline, are turning to power meters to reach the next level in training and competition,” said Jim Meyer, Quarq’s founder and Technology Director. “We wanted to make it as easy as possible, especially for riders new to power meters, to select a state-of-the-art power meter.”

Bicycle makers have responded favorably. The Quarq Prime Power Ready Crankset more than holds its own as a standard crank. Bicycle buyers who never add a power meter will still love their bikes. But if buyers do have an interest in power meters, the “POWER READY” decal is a strong selling point for the brand.

Bicycle dealers tell Quarq that stocking and installing the DZero spider will be much simpler for them. “When a customer buys a bicycle and power meter together, the dealer could have the bike ready to ride by lunchtime,” Meyer said.


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