The new wheels Fulcrum Racing Speed XLR 35 reproduce the technical scheme of the well note Fulcrum XLR.



The hubs have a carbon fiber body and aluminum flange CNC machined. The spokes are 18 radial stainless steel tapered section for the front wheel, and 21 spokes for the rear wheel, radial-mount on the side opposite the freewheel and cross in second on the freewheel side. The rim in carbon fiber is made with a system that eliminates the need for painting and has the braking track corrected. The bearings are cone/cap adjustable and equipped with CULT technology, with ceramic balls for high resistance. The axle is made of aluminum and are the new locks. The weight of the pair of wheels, without blockages, is of 1235 grams.


Road test

The Fulcrum Racing Speed or Light XLR have long been a "classic" of high-end wheels and many wondered why an intermediate version between the two 24 and 50 mm in height of the rim. The 35 mm version responds to this request with a project that is traditional and not at all revolutionary, but well executed. In fact, apart from the natural technical measures that result from the use of different rims, the three pairs of wheels are completely equal. The XLR version 35, it stands for the adoption of ceramic bearings, while the overall weight is contained though not an absolute record. Captures, though renewed are still slightly heavy, even visually, but they are very effective and reliable. The braking track rectified allows a very modular and progressive braking. Excellent smoothness of the wheels has always been one of the major advantages of the " Fulcrum XLR ". Also very good lateral rigidity, while the sensitivity to side winds is not excessive. The light weight, good smoothness and good rigidity allow these wheels look great on mixed routes, with climbs, not demanding descents, acceleration; paths where the good aerodynamics must unite a low weight and good rigidity. The reduced sensitivity to side winds make it a very versatile wheel and far less specialized of the two "sisters" from which it derives. The only drawback is the price tag of about 2500 Euro, perhaps too much in relation to competitors that offer the same performance at a lower cost. You will then see the actual price charged to the store. The wheel itself is no problem, has excellent performance and, as mentioned, over the years the Fulcrum XLR also showed excellent reliability. A good product, then, that certainly was missing in the catalog Fulcrum, suitable for those looking for a lightweight wheel, aerodynamic and versatile, a wheel of high-level good for all occasions.



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