While the entire Fulcrum wheel lineup from top to bottom represents a cornucopia of advanced wheelwork technology, generally speaking those technologies derive from the wheelsets produced first for the brand’s sponsored athletes and teams who compete at the World Tour level.

This being said, we aren’t all lucky enough to ride with a team car a tour service day in and day out but most of us still would appreciate the same performance and design characteristics that our heroes in the Giro or Tour have at their disposal. With this in mind the Fulcrum engineers set out to develop the latest addition to the Fulcrum SPEED family wheel lineup with a clincher specific rim, thus providing us an opportunity to ride like the pros but to also be self-sufficient should a flat spoil our ride.

The 40 mm rim profile is made using the exact same sophisticated Fulcrum carbon fiber technologies such as the 3k finish as well as the specially developed HTG resin utilized in the SPEED 40T wheels found underneath pro riders’ bikes. Particular attention was paid towards developing a braking surface that performed as flawlessly as the tubular 40T version while remaining as surefooted, without flex and capable of dissipating heat in an efficient manner despite the design geared towards a completely different rim/tire interface. Couple the advanced -carbon fiber and resin used for the SPEED 40 clincher with the universally lauded 3Diamant™ braking surface and the result is a rim that lasts as long as the rider and offers a braking performance without rival as well.

The profile of the 40mm rim ensure aerodynamic efficiency while also guaranteeing a rigid and reactive structure upon which to rely during especially demanding scenarios. A smaller 28mm front hub made of carbon fiber is not only lighter due to its smaller stature and composite build but also offers an aerodynamic advantage as well as its reduced size. The USB™ ceramic bearings with cup and cone adjustment system keep things rolling smoothly and guarantee that the rider’s energy is spent transferring power into forward movement instead of fighting against friction.

The overall design of the rim represents a significant performance advantage as do the sophisticated materials with which it is built…but an additional asset to be appreciated is the unrivaled attention to detail involved in its construction. Assembled by hand piece by piece the technique with which these fantastic rims are put together is both complex and refined. Meticulously studied construction processes allow for the rim to emerge from the mold with spoke holes already in place and a perfectly closed tire side (a great asset thanks to MoMag™ technology).

This production technique eliminates the need to drill holes into the carbon fiber, a practice that could potentially weaken the structure and compromise the integrity of the rim. A MoMag™ ready rim is produced as one solid unit with no interruptions in the carbon fiber that weren’t part of the original design. This is just one example of the sophistication with which the Fulcrum SPEED rims are constructed and represents a great deal more work and complexity for the company to produce but the final product is one that stands apart from its competition in a significant way.

Additionally, DRSC™ technology is incorporated on the ends of the nipples which distribute forces of the spokes over a wider surface area, thus eliminating further any critical points of stress or friction related to the spoke/nipple/rim interface.

Most of this technology isn’t apparent to the naked eye but rather can be appreciated by the consumer and professional rider alike as the premium performance of the SPEED wheels will last far longer than that of the competition. This is due in grand part to the extreme lengths Fulcrum engineers have gone to in order to ensure the integrity and long life of each aspect of the rim.

Include the TWO TO ONE™ spoke ratio for the rear wheel, MoMag™ construction, external nipples, spoke antirotation system and a long list of other performance characteristics and you have what is perhaps the most sophisticated carbon clincher available in the marketplace. The Fulcrum SPEED 40 clincher, available in two different graphic options, is a no-shortcut, top-end wheel that will continue to offer the rider an extreme performance advantage season after season.



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