The Fulcrum Racing Zero has become somewhat of an institution in the modern cycling world. The perfect blend of performance, sturdy construction, lightweight structure and efficiency rolled into one race-ready do-it all package.




A wheel ready to perform in any conditions, scenario or event, the Fulcrum Racing Zero has become the one “go to” wheel for those searching for the most sound investment for both their prestigious ride and their cycling endeavors. With such a history steeped in quality and famed performance at all levels in cycling, the Racing Zero from Fulcrum would be difficult to improve upon. This being said, the engineers in the Fulcrum research and development department never cease to impress. They worked diligently upon this most complex of projects to improve upon “THE wheel” and the fruit of their labor manifests itself in the form of the completely new FULCRUM RACING ZERO CARBON.

The Racing Zero Carbon takes legendary Racing Zero performance and reliability and takes it to the next level. A performance wheel aimed at the racing public looking for the finest quality product in an accessible package, the Fulcrum Racing Zero Carbon is destined to become a star. As its name implies, this new wheel incorporates a full carbon rim. The implementation of a 30mm carbon rim adds many advantages to this already performance oriented wheelset. A lighter rim increases reactivity as rotational mass is reduced. A 30mm profile also aids in giving an aerodynamic advantage without representing a weight penalty thanks to the carbon fibers lightweight nature. While these highlights are important the real novelty comes in the form of aluminum spokes combined with a carbon rim. This combination represents has no predecessor and it is the first time that the reactivity and excellent power transfer of the beefy Racing Zero aluminum spokes have been paired with the rigidity and lightweight construction of a carbon fiber rim. In other words, for the first time athletes can take advantage of Fulcrum Zero aluminum construction reactivity in the lightweight and aerodynamic package of the all new Racing Zero Carbon.

To the joy of most riders this new rim will be available for both clinchers and tubular tires. A perfect seal and recuced puncture possibility in addition to a more sound construction are possible due to the unique MoMag construction that allows Fulcrum to produce the rim with no holes on the inside of the rim surface that faces the wheel. Aluminum nipples are passed through the inside of the rime to be put in place for their assembly. The rim is produced with unidirectional carbon fiber thus allowing engineers to add stiffness where necessary, reduce rolling resistance and create compliance where needed. The braking surface however is made with a 3k carbon weave to ensure longevity and uniformity along the brake track.

The Zero has been redefined… in its previous versions it represented the pinnacle of performance for an aluminium racing wheelset, now it takes that performance to the next level.



RIM Clincher or tubular, Carbon UD, 17C, height 30mm, Braking Surface 3K

SPOKES 16 straight pull – AERO – Aluminum

HUB Carbon Fiber, aluminum flange, USB bearings

NIPPLES Aluminum



RIM Clincher or tubular, Carbon UD,

17C, height 30mm, Braking Surface 3K

SPOKES Two-to-One, Straight pull AERO, aluminum: 7 left, 14 right

HUB Carbon Fiber, aluminum flange, USB bearings, Plasma Electrolytic

Oxidation treatment on HG FW

NIPPLES Aluminum


WEIGHT 1268 g (tubular/pair)

1358 g (clincher/pair)





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