The new crankset K-Force Light 386Evo 2014 has been completely renovated. Different is in fact the overall design of the crankset, with an asymmetric spider with five screws, one of which is behind the crank.



This realization was determined after a careful analysis of the forces generated during pedalling. In this way it is reached a weight of 584 grams. The cranks and spider are made of carbon fiber UD, while the chainrings are made of light alloy. The Q factor is 147 millimeters, while the diameter of the bolts is 110 mm. The cranks are available in lengths of L170mm, L172.5mm, L175mm, while the chainrings are available 46/36T, 50/34T, 52/36T, 53/39T. It’s available for groupsets Campagnolo 11sp, Sram and Shimano 10sp and 11sp.


Road test


It is not difficult to recognize the new FSA K-Force Light 386Evo 2014 thanks to a new aesthetic and the conformation of the cranks and spider. If everything is assembled in a workmanlike manner it turns a crank to the very top for smoothness, without the possibility of comparisons with the competitors. Also good the rigidity. Perfect compatibility with the various groupsets (tested both with Shimano and SRAM) without there being a difficulty in the operation of the derailleur. Maybe it was just loudest the passage of the chain by a cranck to another, but the speed and accuracy are unaffected. Excellent declared weight, equivalent to the one we detected with our instrumentation. The price remains aligned with the previous version, lower than many competitors, about 500 Euro, proportionate to the benefits of the product.








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