Brakes are natural extensions of FSA's cockpit components which emphasize precise control and feedback, at the highest levels of performance. FSA's first products are the lightweight and feature-rich K-Force and Afterburner models for XC Race and Trail applications. Utilizing both tool-free stroke and reach adjustability, these brakes can be set-up, on-the-fly for a wide range of responsiveness and hand sizes. To further enhance the user-experience, these brakes are offered with industry first front and rear specific hoses, which result in exceptionally balanced braking performance. The flip flop lever features a integrated asymmetrical reservoir making them extremely compact on the handlebar and easy to bleed. All of this is packaged with the lightest magnesium castings, carbon composite levers, and titanium hardware, which results in individual wheel weights of around 300 gr. The two models will sell for US$369 (K-Force) and US$289 (Afterburner) MSRP and will be available in Q1 2014, through FSA and Authorized Distributors and Dealers.

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