Enve is specialized in manufacturing wheel rim carbon fiber and carbon fiber components. The peculiarity of its rims is the drilling system that is made under construction. This construction system, patented by ENVE, allows for greater rigidity of the rim. It also has the adjusted braking track, proven, rim to rim. Still the same rim are eliminated all traces of the processing of carbon, so as to reduce weight without compromising rigidity. The wheels, well made, very competitive reach weights, the pair of wheels with 25 mm wheel has a weight of 1030 grams, rising to 1120 in the version of 45 mm, more tubular. Enve Smart versions, are designed in a wind tunnel and with a height of the rims 60, 70, 80 or 90 mm are made for maximum aerodynamic efficiency. No shortage of proposals for the Mtb, as well as a fork and handlebars road and Mtb.