DT Swiss NEW PR 1400 DICUT® OXiC

The new PR 1400 DICUT® OXiC wheels are designed to meet the demands of the most demanding riders.

No longer is it enough to just produce a lightweight wheel, riders now also demand superb handling, pin-point accurate braking and exceptional quality. The PR 1400 DICUT® OXiC delivers all this in a package that pushes the boundaries of what can be expected of a premium alloy wheelset.

Go ahead and discover the performance of OXiC!

The PR 1400 DICUT® OXiC are the first wheels to feature our new OXiC technology which not only gives the wheels their stealthy appearance but has several key performance advantages.

1. Extremely powerful and consistent brake performance in all conditions

2. The OXIC rim surface is so hard, that the rim will not be affected by wear over the normal lifespan of a wheel.

3. The OXIC coating is able to deform with the rim, maintaining its superior properties even under high mechanical loads.

4. The OXIC coating process uses no volatile organic compounds or heavy metals, making it a very environement friendly technology.

5.Since the OXIC coating does not contain any inks or dyes it is totally UV stable and won‘t fade or discolor in the sun.

Availability: September 2016

MSRP: 998 € // 1286 $

Special Note: MilKit Tubeless Kit included with delivery for easy tubeless set-up & maintenance.


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