The new handlebar Deda Elementi Superleggera is made of unidirectional carbon fiber HR40 and a new resin.

These two new technical solutions, respect to the previous handlebar Deda Elementi in carbon fiber permit a low weight. The conformation of the curve takes the concept RHM (Rapid Hand Movement) with a reduced height and depth, but especially with a continuous curve anatomical, that allows a natural and complete support of the palm of the hand regardless of the point of support of the same. The diameter is the classic 31.7 mm. It’s available in Size 42 - 44 - 46 cm (external - external) only in UD carbon finish, black on black. It has a weight of 180 grams in size 42.


Road Test


The Deda Elementi Superleggera is very well made, as tradition Deda Elementi. Great its very low weight and achieved without compromising reliability. Very good quality of the surface finish. To assemble better to rely on experienced staff, as not only a mistake can cause a rupture of the fold itself, but also constitute a potential danger while driving. Better to use the appropriate fluid couplings made of carbon fiber, both at the points of contact with the shifters that the point of contact with the stem, and then tighten the bolts to the specified torque. Nothing particularly difficult and different from what is appropriate to perform with a component made of carbon fiber. The ergonomics of the Superleggera is the one, great, other handlebars Deda HRM. The advantage of this conformation, resides in excellent ergonomics of the curve profile. The handle is in fact perfect long learning curve, palm perfectly placed to firmly hold the handlebars; also control levers are always very close to the hands. Even the handle is valid high and the handle is very easy to go high or low. The ride quality is generally good and perfect when you hold hands for a long time on low grip, due to the excellent ergonomic design that lets you download your body weight across the palm of the hand, without painful spots. Also valid stiffness, which can satisfy the most demanding athletes and comparable to previous Deda Presa HRM, indicating that the reduction in weight did not alter the stiffness or safety. The price of about 220 Euro is commensurate with the quality of the product.


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