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The Deda Elementi 35 is made of forged aluminum alloy in three dimensions and finish with CNC machines, the screws are in titanium. The increased diameter to 35 millimeters (for handlebars Deda 35)

allows a considerable increase in the rigidity. It has a tilt angle of 82 degrees and is available in sizes from 90 - 100 - 110 - 120 - 130 - 140 mm. It has a weight of 136 grams in size 110 millimeters. It's available in black on black, anodized black, painted white matt, glossy red (not available 140mm).


Road test


The Deda Elementi Stem 35 is instantly recognizable for its "Over-Size", excellent build quality, while the weight, considering the size, is competitive and is not high in absolute terms (it is lighter than many standard stem). Assembly is simple. On road you can immediately appreciated the high rigidity of the stem, far superior to all competitors on the market. This increase in stiffness, as well as an impact on the overall performance of the bike, allowing a greater feeling of driving, with a greater steering precision, greater stability and ease of control, to be mentioned inputs cornering faster and more accurate. Definitely improved the behaviour on uneven, where is improved ease of control. To counter this rigidity leads to a decrease in ride comfort, appearance, however, negligible compared to the obvious benefits. It follows, therefore, a very effective and competitive product, perfect for those seeking the ultimate in stiffness, but also driving precision. The price of about 95 Euro is proportionate to its quality.


Positive aspects

Build Quality




Negative Aspects

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