The new handlebar Deda Elementi 35 is made of aluminum alloy 7050 triple thickness. The diameter of thirty-five mm allow a significant increase in the rigidity of the handlebar, without a significant weight penalty.

The conformation of the curve takes the concept RHM (Rapid Hand Movement) with a reduced height and depth and a continuous curve anatomical, that allows a natural and complete support of the palm of the hand regardless of the point of support of the same. It’s available in Size 42 - 44 - 46 cm (external - external), in matt white painted and matt black anodized. It has a weight of 278 grams in size 42.


Road Test


The handlebar Deda Elementi Thirty-five is easily recognizable by its unusual diameter, that well joins the stem Deda 35. The surface finish is good and the weight is competitive, especially in relation to the diameter of 35 mm. Assembly is simple. Ergonomics is the optimal one of the other handlebars Deda HRM, with a secure fit in the palm of your hand, no matter where you grab the curve. The larger diameter is not annoying, in fact, provides a better grip; those who have very small hands, however, it is good that controls the feeling with a handle bigger than usual. Moving you appreciate the great qualities of this technical choice. The handlebar shows a absolute rigidity, far superior to all rivals, and this translates into direct contact with the front wheel, more speed in the corners and a better control of the bike. Great increase of sensitivity that you get with the front wheel, to the benefit of performance, but also safety. The increased stiffness penalizes just comfort, but in a much reduced, so that the budget is broadly in favor of the improvements that this diameter 35 mm brings, even weight gain is negligible. A product that will appeal to those who are certainly not careful per gram in most, but for those looking for maximum rigidity, combined with great driving skills and safety. The price of about 68 Euro is competitive.



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Negative Aspects

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