We passed the 10000km in total satisfaction with the wheels Deda Elementi.



Despite the rim made of carbon fiber, have been shown to have excellent reliability and can be used even daily, without special precautions. Obviously, are not ideal wheels for roads in poor conditions, in which an aluminum rim remains the best choice, but they are perfectly usable in most situations and in all the streets where it is wise to go with a road bike. Braking is always found to be excellent, with a low wear of the braking and optimum braking control in any situation. We always use Blue pads, that in the face of a less aggressive braking, offer high scalability and security of braking in any situation, they also have the advantage of a little wear on the braking surface. The smoothness of the wheels is more than excellent and requires no special maintenance to be always perfect. Even the rear freewheel has not suffered drawbacks whatsoever. The only maintenance required was the correct tightening of a nipple that has come loose, certainly not well fixed at the origin. After 10000km the wheels are perfectly centered. The overall stiffness is great and perfect responsiveness. Little affected by the crosswinds and on the whole are a perfect solution for use at 360 degrees, always apply borh for ascent and for flats. A good compromise, which joined the unquestioned reliability, make it a competitive product and more than valid.


Long Term Test 2014 supported by :


Deda Elementi

Deda Acciai Strada

Selle Italia



Mondo Due Ruote Spello (PG - Italy)