After 7000 km the wheels Deda Elementi are in excellent condition.



It's true that we have not skimped on cleaning and maintenance, but nevertheless the overall reliability has been up to this time. Excellent wear of the braking surface, thanks also to blue brake pads, which provide a gradual braking, never aggressive, more controllable, they also have the advantage of not spoiling the braking track. The merits of this pair of wheels are light weight, low inertia, reliability . Flow well and over the miles were further "disconnected" and have good aerodynamics, go well on flats, are not affected by crosswinds and are not heavy uphill, showing that the 30 mm rim is the best compromise for a wheel to be used always. Until now there was no need to adjust anything, but we monitor the rear wheel. We will see in the next few kilometers if it will be necessary to adjust the tension of the spokes.


Long Term Test 2014 supported by :


Deda Elementi

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