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Corima Aero+ wheels have rim 12k carbon fiber, height 48 mm and width 22.6 mm.

The more rim width allows to increase rigidity and make a rim surface with better aerodynamics. The spokes are 18 CX Ray for the front wheel and 20 CX to the rear wheel. The freewheel is available for Shimano, Campagnolo and Sram. Front wheel spokes are arranged in tangential way, while in the rear wheel 12 spokes are present in third on the freewheel side and 8 tangential spokes in the opposite side. Are available with traditional or ceramic bearings. The hubs are made of carbon fiber with two bearings on front hub and 5 bearings on rear wheel. The quick release have a titanium axle. Standard are wheels bags, quick release and specific brake pads for carbon rims. The weight of the front wheel is 545 grams, while the rear has a weight of 760 grams, as detected by us.