Throughout its over 80 year history Campagnolo has always worked very closely with professional athletes not merely for the prestige and fame that it may bring but rather to obtain vital feedback to fuel the research and development areas of the company in their search for the maximum performance and reliability. In order to produce components and wheels that represent a competitive advantage for world-class athletes competing at the highest level of professional cycling lab results are important but do not provide the critical real world feedback that can only be found during competition. To understand which solutions developed by Campagnolo engineers best satisfy the needs of the professional racer and which aspects need to be modified or changed, only feedback directly from a World Tour athlete will do. As such, our sponsored teams form an integral part in the Campagnolo product development process.

Taking into account the vital role that Campagnolo sponsored teams and athletes play into molding the future of the components and wheels that bear the company logo, a specific research group within the R&D deparment was developed in order take full advantage of this extreme real world testing lab. The Campy Tech Lab was formed and has worked hand in hand with professional athletes since its inception analyzing feedback and preparing new alternatives in a sometimes painstaking attention to detail predicated on finding those incremental improvements that culminate into real performance advantages. Campy Tech Lab projects differ in scope and some are more visible than others. Some tests are not visible to the naked eye of the consumer watching races either on tv or live by the roadside. Others are a great deal more visible and as such often times carry the Campy Tech Lab logo. Perhaps the most visible Campy Tech Lab project to date has been the collaboration with Team Movistar in the development of the modern electronic transmission as the team was outfitted at the beginning of the 2011 season with prototype versions of the Campagnolo EPS drivetrain. Working closely with a group so focused on victory only added to the severity with which the perfectionists of the Campy Tech Lab scrutinized the performance of the groupset that was to be launched and in the end produced a groupset that now finds itself atop all three Campagnolo sponsored teams.

Understanding the mission of the Campy Tech Lab explains a great deal with regards to the lengths at which Campagnolo goes to ensure that only outstanding products bear its name. However, the Campy Tech Lab forms part of a much larger and broader philosophy regarding development and release of new components and wheels from Vicenza and understanding this philosophy is of utmost importance to comprehending just what the Campagnolo label on a product represents.

Campagnolo Corretto” is a concept used internally that represents the moment when a prototype can be classified finally as a Campagnolo product. This concept seems straightforward but it merits a bit of explanation. Campagnolo Corretto, translated loosely means “Campagnolo Correct” and is applied to a product only after fulfilling rigorous checks and tests to ensure not only performance but also safety, not only lightweight and racewinning

design but also reliability and long lasting performance. Campagnolo seeks not to participate in the cold war between component manufacturers to introduce new technology for the sake of introducing new technology. Nor does it seek to reduce weight, improve rigidity or heighten other performance indicators in order to use as a marketing tool. Campagnolo will commercialize the technology that it develops if and when the fruits of its labor culminate into a product that can be considered “Campagnolo Corretto”; a product that is as safe, reliable and durable as it is lightweight, fast and performance oriented. The release date of products held to such a standard is difficult to pinpoint on the calendar as it is the standard that dictates all, in stark contrast to conventional product to market practices at times.

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