The new pedal Keo Blade 2 has been completely revised. The body of the pedal is made of carbon fiber, but now the support surface is 700 mm² with a bearing width of 64 mm.



A marked increase compared to previous pedal that had an area of 400 mm². New foil carbon fiber Integrated, now of greater surface and with an aerodynamic profile. The carbon foil is available in three different strains of engagement: 12/16/20. The new profile allows for a stiffer release of the pedal, the 12 version is suitable for most riders, version 16 for riders who are looking for more support and version 20 for those looking for maximum support. The carbon foil is replaceable with a special tool. Another peculiarity is the improved stability of the block cleat pedals; now the cleat is always in contact with the abutment with any angle of pedaling adopted, thus improving the power transmission. New line of the pin, which has also allowed to lower the height of the pedal support. The pin is made of Chromoly oversized 2 ball bearings and a needle bush. A double seal ensures a long service life of the bearings. The weight of the pedal is 110 grams.


Road test


The new pedal Look Keo Blade 2 is a definite upgrade over the previous model. The mounting is obviously simple. The version with foil 12 is the best solution for use on public roads, because it allows you to drop very quickly the shoe from the pedal. The other solutions are indicated in most competitions or for those who prefer an absolutely coupling balance between pedal and shoe, although in the version 12 union between shoe and pedal is absolutely stable. The major support area between shoe and pedal leads to obvious benefits in the transmission of power, this aspect is very clear with little stiff-soled shoes. The greatest area of support ensures even greater foot comfort, appearance noticeable over long distances and especially with not very stiff soles. Very good smoothness of the pedal. Rain or dust do not affect operation. Great reliability and simplicity of operation, without the need to adjust or record the strength of the coupling. A pedal, complex in its design, but "simple" in its construction and its maintenance. In short, compared to the previous Keo Blade, is a much better product from all points of view and an excellent pedal ever, maybe not the lightest ever, but extremely reliable and with excellent performance.