Dear Editor
I am 45 years old, 1,94 tall and weight 67Kg. I run an average of 6000 km per year over which participated also in 5/6 hill climbs. This year I have decided to change bike, I currently have an old Giant Cadex, with Shimano 105 8V (about 20 years but has never had any problems). I would like a bike that is suitable for the climbs but not too uncomfortable over long distances (although I think all the bikes will be better of my old bike!).


I have been proposed bicycle and I would like your opinion to orient in a choice:
1 ) Merida Sculpture cf 904 (€ 1790)
2 ) Merida Sculpture cf 905 (€ 2,150 )
3 ) Merida Sculpture cf 907 (€ 2,990 )
2 ) Cube Agree GTC PRO 2014 (€ 1,500 )
3 ) Cube Agree GTC SL 2014 (€ 2000)
4) Cube Litening Super HPC Pro 2014 (€ 2500)
5 ) Pinarello Marvel (€ 2800)
6) Pinarello HM60 UD (€ 3300)
I would ask also what makes a bycicle less comfortable than another.
I take this opportunity to congratulate with you for the competence and clarity
of your responses.

Signed letter

Dear reader,

the comfortof a bikeis a set ofmany factors, the main of which are thegeometry of the frameand the shapeof the tubes, in addition to theirmaterial. Theneach modelmust be analyzedinitself.
Among thebikethat you have selectedthe best forcomfort is thePinarelloHm60UD, not really the best forthe climb, but great forperformance.Mostsuitable for boardingtheCubeLitening, more uncomfortablethough.Pinarellois offered at agood price.If you do nottakeone of these two, choice Cube AgreeSL, very good comfort, good performance andgreat price.If you do notwant tospendmuchwould remainwiththemodelCubeAgree GTCPro. Ofcoursebetweenabike pf 1500 Euro and one of 3000 Euro, there is a differencein terms of performance, butalsohave funanywayandmost ofthoseselectedby you and suggest by meofferamajor step forwardcompared to your current model, from every point of view.