I own a top range of Carraro Edge, 991 hl mounted Ultegra weighs 7,200 kg. I ride 6000-7000 km per year and now I want to change my bike.



I am interested in RIDLEY FENIX 2014, and in BIANCHI SEMPRE PRO. Aesthetically I like the most RIDLEY, except that the weight of the frame is 1.2 kg. With my shop thought we'd mount it with Ultegra, crankset, handlebar, stem and seatpost FSA K-Force and Fulcrum wheels Racing 1 and in this way we should get a bike weighing about 7 kg. While we'd mounted BIANCHI with Ultegra and FSA SL-K but with higher spending. Considering budget and aesthetics of RIDLEY what you say? Or spending a few hundred euro more is better go with Bianchi?


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Unfortunately for you the two bikes are quite different. The Bianchi is lighter, slightly less comfortable and with slightly better performance of the Fenix. The Ridley Fenix is a frame slightly heavier, but also more comfortable and with the same maximum rigidity of Bianchi Sempre Pro; Fenix is also more stable (and less maneuverable ). At the end the two bikes from the dynamic behavior are quite different, although it's really hard to say which of the two is better, and that the differences are really minimal. Considering the two different assemblies I believe that the on-road performance will be nearly identical.






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