Good evening,
reading some of your articles I found very interesting subject matter.

I'd like to have some advice about it.
Which do you think is the central movement that might make sense / following among those on the market (or at the end are all the same)?
The BB386, the PF30 or threaded classics are still valid and have almost similar performance to newcomers?
Department tires: the tubeless tire may be considered advantageous in respect of tires?
The inflation pressure of less (I hope I 'm not wrong), however, makes it a viable and efficient proposal?
Bike: What are the many valid frames that are offered at reasonable prices but that the market snubs ?
My curiosity is whether larger models like the Orbea Orca Gold just arrived, the Canyon Ultimate CF SLX of the Guerciotti Eureka Evo, the Wilier 101 SR Air, the Serotta (you mentioned has aroused my curiosity ) with the Ready Sg model reflect this kind of mentality and then you take home a bike that has its value both economically and technically. Have you advice of others?
I ask this because I would like to change my Bianchi 1885 Alu Veloce 2005 by mounting the new frame with Campagnolo Chorus or Record Two Way Fit wheels and type Zonda / Eurus.

In conclusion, thanking her for her infinite patience in engaging in this world of illusions sometimes (especially for amateurs like myself who believe that just a frame, a bracket and a pair of lightweight wheels to be with the best when instead what matters is the workout) I offer you my most cordial greetings.
Signed letter

Dear reader, your question is interesting, but complex, because the market evolves not in a rational way.

The standards of the middle movements are numerous, each one has its own characteristics, but in reality the differences are minimal. Incidentally a classic central movement works fine and ensures a high ease of assembly and maintenance. In the long run perhaps the 386Evo is more likely to remain on the market.
The tubeless in theory only has advantages, especially in terms of security, but sluggish, however also for 2014 there will be new proposals, I do not think it will disappear.
The Italian market snubs all those products that are not fashionable, the Orbea Orca is a great frame, but few were buying, the FRW Napa Valley is also more convenient, but finds it hard to be sold. The BMC GF02 is a great frame, but no one noticed it . Same thing goes for the Ridley Helium SL or Fenix. Better go to Look. For Wilier, I think it has always done good bike, but now the prices seem much more proportionate to the competition. Two other names from the pack: BH and Corratec, valid and reliable frames.
Finally, I would not purchase a carbon frame, but a nice steel frame, it costs the same but it is certainly better and timeless (with strict traditional bottom bracket...).
For the Campagnolo Record groupset ok, but adopts the Fulcrum Racing Zero for tubeless.





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