Hello, I am a cyclist of 41 years, with an experience of 10 years and a few large fund also busy behind (including two long marathon of the Dolomites).

I changed various road bikes, but more often I found back problems etc. especially in the most demanding in terms of outputs climbs and number of hours in the saddle.
Also in changing the bike I was advised in an inconsistent manner between the measure 54 and measure 56. After I did a little of ideas I've been learning that from a biomechanical
bike with the appropriate measures to me is a 54.2 head tube of a horizontal high (over 16 cm). With these features, the bike is what I need is a "comfort bike" , bike until a few years ago in Italy tithes little success.
2014 seems to bring many new and would like some advice.
Among the brands that I can buy (having official retailers close to home) there are Wilier Granturismo which has (Gts and Gtr), bicycle which will also be comfort-oriented but traditional measures and does not suit me, that with the Bianchi Infinito Cv seems to have presented a bike as important and suitable geometries (here, however, I give a damn because it measures the horizontal is 53 or 55), with the new Kuota Kirala (same problem as the Bianchi for measurements), and finally with the Orbea Avant (also with disc brakes) that I reject for the lack of knowledge of the brand and:
- Scott Cr1 or Solace
- Cannondale Synapse
- Specialized Roubaix
Trek no due to lack of dealer even if they say to be good.
The assembly I'm looking for is intermediate (Ultegra, Mavic Elite wheels aluminum type).
Scott Cr1 (model 2013). It been in production for years, is now being downgraded. I find it a nice frame, the geometries are good, but the size 54 head tube is 15.6 cm. I find, with components and weight similar to Solace (but Ultegra 10 v) to 2400 Euro or the new version 8.2 kg heavier at 2000 Euro.
Scott Solace 20, the new, hidden rear brake, new Ultegra 11s. The line leaves some doubt me (price about 20% up to that of Cr1). Head tube of 16.5. 7.34 kg, 3100 EUR.
Specialized Roubaix SL4 Sram Sports disc. The version is appealing this with the Apex and disc brakes to 2550 Euro. Right measures (54 and 16.5 cm) but is installed on a group of which I doubt, with disc brakes that puzzle me for the additional weight (the bike is not known) and some doubt on the aesthetics of dampers.
Synpase Cannondale Carbon Ultegra 11 v 3. Very nice, it costs 2800€ and weighs 7.7 kg, to be added wheels probably best to overcome the 3000 Euro and down in weight. However, is not high modulus .
What do you suggest: discard the meantime bike that does not have the new Ultegra 11 speed, jump on the disc?

Signed letter


Dear reader, let's get straight to your question. You have already discarded Bianchi and Wilier for reasons of geometry, reject also Kuota for a matter of reduced comfort. I do not understand because you excludes Orbea frames, are great. I prefer to concentrate on the last three of which would go on without a doubt Cannondale Synapse, version 2014 because it is the best bike for comfort, guidance, and overall performance, as well as a better assembly, better than the main competitor which is the model Scott Solace.
For brakes would stay at the traditional brakes, unless you do not want to focus on safety under braking, spending more and having a heavier bike. I should point out that a better braking discs get it only in the wet and with high-level installations (SRAM Red, Shimano Ultegra), in other cases it is likely that the disc brakes also less than a traditional system. Ideally the hypothesis Ultegra 11s, which globally is a great evolution of the former, which is still valid. The fact that the Cannondale that has been proposed has not the carbon HM affects only the weight (about 150 grams ) and not on the rigidity of the frame.