I found cycling a few years ago and I find that the activity makes me feel better both physically and mentally .


In the fasting state of knowledge cycling 3 years ago, I trusted a dealer in my town and I bought a Pinarello FP2 Carbon with a mix of levers and Dura-Ace brakes (used) Most and FSA.

I'm pretty happy with the bike, but increasing the passion and stretching cycling in friends I'd be thinking to change the bike. I am aware that this is not shocked my performance, but all the more help the economy.

I live in a hilly area and my outputs are about 100-120 km, and include some tough climb though not very long.

I would look for a good bike with a discreet components: Ultegra and Fulcrum 1 or similar and a frame is not too exasperated with a badget of 3500-4000 Euros.

It has a suggestion a bit out of the choir?


ps congratulations for the great website

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Dear reader, thanks for the compliments,


Having said that often must deal with bikes that can be found in our area of residence, you have a good budget, no doubt sufficient to achieve a good bike, also very good, if you have a little 'luck.


The first bike is without a doubt the BMC GF02 SRAM Red, an aluminum frame still comfortable and a great assembly, for a very light  bike and high performance.


The second is the equally excellent FRW Napa Valley, one of the best high-end frames, offered at a very competitive price, also the assembled bikes have a great price and then with your budget achieves a high performance bike.


The third choice, if you can find it, is the excellent frame Guerciotti Eureka and Eureka Evo. A very good frame and light enough, it's all about finding it.


The fourth choice is to move into an Orbea Orca, other bike with excellent performance, both in Silver and Gold version, even in this case the availability is not the best.


The fifth choice is valid Bianchi Sempre Red, 2012 version, if it finds one achieves a very good bike with your budget.


Then switch to Cube and finally remains in Pinarello, given that you like it, going to a Dogma 2 or even a DogmaK, more comfortable.


Finally, the wisest thing to do, as well as inquire about the models recommended above, you take a trip to the shops near you and see their offers, it is not said that there are not other brand in super offer ....






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