Good morning

since some time I follow with interest the articles and reviews of the site, and now I want to change bike, so I would like your advice. I'm an amateur, I ride about 5/6,000 miles per year, currently on a Focus Izalco 2011 (with which I am quite well).

Now I'm considering buying a Ridley Noah (not Fast version); gorgeous frame, I always heard positive comments. The element that holding me back most is not so much a budget speech, as doubts about the destination of use of the bike. I'm not a cyclist who expresses particular power and in my exit I also like pretty challenging uphill; I'm not sure it's a frame suited to my characteristics and needs, and would prefer to avoid making a purchase tied primarily to the aesthetics of the bike.

Do you think that could be in any case a valid purchase? Should I consider special about the assembly (groupset, wheels, etc.)?

Thanks for your attention

Signed letter



Dear Reader, Ridley Noah is undoubtedly an extremely valuable product, but that has been designed for optimum performance on the plains. The study of aerodynamic tubes and their conformation is meant to be the ultimate in aerodynamic performance and rigidity. At adistance of time from its presentation, the bike still remains at the top in terms of rigidity and aerodynamics, only surpassed by the new Noah Fast model. With these conditions, it is clear that it is not a template suited to go up-hill, it does not mean that these are not dealt with satisfaction. With a Sram Red groupset and Mavic R-SYS the bike is light enough to be competitive even uphill. Although this seems obvious that has equal assembly you can get overall performance top with a Ridley Helium SL. Fail to exploit the high rigidity of the frame on the plains (which in any case will clearly compared to your current bike), while uphill will experience higher weight of the frame. Of Ridley Helium SL model, on the other hand, you will appreciate the light weight and will hardly notice its less rigidity than Noah. If you look solely to benefits the Ridley Noah and all aero frames generally ill-befitting to its features and requirements, compared to other models, maybe less performance in absolute terms, but more suitable. If you are looking for a bike that likes you firstly  aesthetically and then other, you have to go with Ridley Noah assembled as I suggested, is a good place to go strong on the flat and well uphill. By the way of comparison, however, keep in mind that all Vacansoleil-DCM Team athletes and then Lotto-Belisol have always used the Ridley Helium to the races with a lot of climbs, leaving Noah for the stages in the lowlands; while the team's sprinters use almost always the Noah Fast.