I want to ask an opinion to choose my next road bike. The choice is between two Canyon and two Cube:



Canyon Ultimate CF 9.0 SL 2015
Canyon Ultimate CF 7.0 SL 2015
Cube Agree GTC SL 2015
Cube Litening Super HPC Race 2015

The two Canyon have the same frame and fork, there are differences in the wheels, tires, groupset and seatpost.
The two Cube, being two different models, are different in everything except: groupset, stem and seatpost.
I state that I'm looking for a bike suited to hilly - mountainous, but that is not too "uncomfortable" if you tackle long distances.

I want your opinion because while Canyon choice between the two depends practically only by the groupset and rim, fot the two Cube I do not know what the difference in behavior on the road and between Canyon and Cube which is better.

Also which has the best quality/price ratio? Canyon has gone from 50/34 to 52/36 what do you think?

Signed letter

Dear reader,

is not a comparison to make because there are too many differences. Cube has its own line of stores, so buy from a retailer that will offer all the assistance. Canyon only sells online, their warranty support is provided through a withdrawal of the bike and the subsequent return. For normal maintenance, will have to find a mechanic willing to do it, not simply in small towns, where the mechanic is also dealer ...

Therefore obvious that the value of Canyon is higher than that of Cube. Since then see the different possibilities of resale of the two bikes.

Omitting these aspects, then, compare models for anything similar. The Cube Agree is certainly the most comfortable, but should be compared with the new Canyon Endurance CF. Again the two Canyon Ultimate CF have different costs, obvious that the higher cost is better overall, while the two Cube are completely incomparable: two bikes completely different. So if you are looking for a comfortable bike should choose between Canyon Endurance or Cube Agree. Regarding the choice of the sprocket or the crank are decisions to be made based on the weight of the bike, the power developed by the athlete and the type of roads that you want to deal with. The 52/36 (in union 11/28) is perfect for powerful athletes or flat routes, or with difficult climbs but not long.

I think you have a lot of confusion in your head...

Before you should choose whether to buy a product online analyzing advantages and disadvantages, then understand your needs, then choose the most suitable model for you ...

Just as you put the question seems to me that it's a matter of deal/price, color, aesthetics.