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Oreka training is a new training system patented for bicycles that allow you to feel like you're on the road at home


Oreka training is a new patented training system that allows you to train at home just like you would on the road. Oreka allows for REAL TRAINING since you have total freedom of movement, and along with the BKOOL simulation software, you can feel like you're on the road with every pedal – Oreka hardens or weakens the resistance automatically depending on your virtual path in real time, reaching power up to 750W if the path demands it.

Oreka training is also a secure system, since the sensors it incorporates guarantee training without jolts. The belt stops if it thinks fit.

Our objective: to create a trainer in which you can pedal freely as if you were on the road with all of the security that you expect from an indoor system.


Oreka Training is a new training system for patented bicycles that allow you to feel like you're on the road while you're at home. 

Oreka Training inside is NOT like a treadmill. The bicycle is supported by rollers, because this system allows the cyclist to move the belt under like you moved the road underneath in the real world, and it is not the belt that moves the cyclist. The cyclist has control over the belt. 

Oreka Training technology consists of an electromagnetic system that regulates the belt's resistance, achieving power up to 750W. 

Oreka Training electronic system measures the cyclist's speed, resistance, and power in real time. 

The rear clamp has two functions: its sensor checks the cyclist's force, and it detects if the cyclist is on the bicycle. It thereby orders the belt to stop when the cyclist stops, avoiding falls and offering a secure system. 

Oreka Training communicates bidirectional with the Bkool software. It checks your speed, rhythm, and power, and communicates all of the information to the software which then regulates Oreka's electronics based on the selected route. Compatible with Bkool simulation Software by means of ANT + and Bluetooth BKOOL Connect | Sport Oreka Training establishes bidirectional communication with the BKOOL simulation software. This 

way, you can travel through any place in the world (in accordance with the Bkool simulator) in a virtual way from your home.

Oreka Training is also compatible with other software brands using ANT + & Bluetooth communication.



It allows you to pedal naturally, as if on the road since you can balance the bicycle like you do on the road thanks to the rear clamp system.

You can also stand on the pedals to climb or sprint. HIGH POWER TRAINING

Oreka Training is a system which allows you to simulate climbs and plains. It permits the measurement of power in real time, and the regulation of the resistance between 30W-750W.


The sensor situated on the rear mooring has two functions, regulation of the resistance and security because it stops the belt if it feels necessary.


Our I + D team has worked to transfer the sensation of being on the road indoors. This is the key to Oreka Training.

To get started, all you have to do is start to pedal as if you were on the road.”

The mooring system will keep you on the belt and allow you to balance naturally the same way as you would on the road. It is also easy to stand up on the pedals on your bicycle to simulate climbs and sprints.

If you want to stop, Oreka is the same as on the road, you stop pedalling and break smoothly.”

The belt's speed is controlled by the cyclist, the cyclist being the one which moves the belt and not the other way around, like what happens on a treadmill. On Oreka, the cyclist is never propelled by the belt.

To summarize, Oreka's movement is totally natural and is compatible with any type of street bicycles, road bikes, MTB and Triathlon.


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