During the dark days of January and February good lights are indispensable to complete your training rides.


Only this way you’re able to prepare yourself for the upcoming cycling challenges of the new year. The ScoutCombo is the ideal companion to help you achieve your cycling goals. This small helmet light combines a front and rear light in one and is so lightweight that you won’t notice wearing it on your head.

Thanks to the smart memory function, the ScoutCombo always remembers your last chosen light function. Very convenient, because this light has a stunning 7 different modes: 4 up front only and 3 combined. You don’t use your rear light? No problem, just turn it off and only use the front light. By using it as a helmet light, you always have a clear bundle in the direction you’re looking at. And once you reached your destination, the ScoutCombo is easily charged by the USB port. Ready to go on a new adventure.




200 Lumen XPG CREE and 10 lumen rear COB (Chips on board) LED.

USB rechargeable.

Battery indicator.

Water resistant.

Aluminum casing.

4 Front modes: low beam, standard beam, high beam and flash beam.

3 Combo modes: flash/ flash, steady/ flash and steady/ steady.

Lithium polymer internal battery pack (1000mAh, 3.7V).

Helmetmount included (BLS-70).

Micro-USB cable included.

Weight: 100 grams (bracket included).

Size: 31 x 32 x 86 mm.

Color: black/blue.

Recommende retail price: €69,95.


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