Best racing bike under 7000 Euro 2022 2023 which one to choose

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Best racing bike under 7000 euros 2022 2023 which one to choose

We respond to a reader who asks us for advice on which road climbing bike to buy under 7000 Euros:

"Hi, I wanted to ask you which brands I might be interested in for a racing bike but which does not exceed 7 thousand euros. Thanks"

The budget you have indicated is very high and above average, this allows you many possibilities.

Overall you can make a choice for Brand, so only the brands with the most important names, or make a choice for value for money.

In the first case there is nothing to recommend, I like the X Brand, I buy X !!!!

It is useless to seek advice.

In the same way, if I report only to my trusted cyclist (there is nothing wrong with that) and he sells the Y Brand, then I buy the Y Brand, stop.

So now let's see the last case, I want a racing bike with the best value for money, under 7000 Euros.

Given that in cycling, a brand is born every day, which among other things proclaims itself as a reference point in the sector, the list would be endless ...

So this is my selection, simple, within everyone's reach, without being "fooled" ...

Just choose ...

1 - GIANT TCR Advanced SL Disc 0 is offered with a 30% discount at 7195 Euro (the top)

2 - Cube Litening C: 68X SLT Shimano Dura Ace Di2 7299 Euro

2 - Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 9 Disc eTap 7499 Euro (Sram Red AXS)

3 - Trek Emonda SL7 Disc eTap 6899 Euro (Sram Force AXS)

3 - Specialized Tarmac SL7 Expert 7000 Euro (Shimano Ultegra Di2)

As you can see, Giant is very affordable right now, otherwise it's better to choose between Cube and Canyon.

Leaving these two brands, for the same price, you buy a bike with a group of a lower step.

This is the power of marketing ...

In reality, the discounts applied should also be analyzed and the bikes at the real price applied should be compared.

Some discount a lot, because otherwise their bikes don't leave the shop, others very little because they sell anyway.

Then, as you can see, they are all electronic groupsets, this is what the cyclist asks, but with a mechanical group the bikes would cost a thousand euros less and would be even better ...

However, in general, any non-prominent brand allows you to buy a bike at the same price but with an assembly of a higher step.

Performance? they are for all racing bikes similar, if not the same ... with the same assembly though!



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