The helmet Carrera Edge is a specific helmet for freeride, as evidenced by the visor as standard, with great attention to ventilation.

Made with the widespread technique In-Molding, with a cap equipped with 26 air vents. The regulation system Flex Control System allows an easy and fast adjustment of the helmet. The interiors have a high capacity to absorb the sweat and dry quickly. It has a weight of about 325 grams and costs about 89 Euro.

Off Road Test

The helmet Carrera Edge does not belong to the category of ultra lightweight helmets, even if the weight is   in line with its price range. Good overall quality, excellent when you consider the favourable purchase price. The control system is easy to use and develop, allowing a perfect customization of the size of the helmet. Excellent ventilation offered by the 26 holes. Good interiors. Missing the chin, a helmet bag and interior winter, but in this price range none offers such solutions. Overall, therefore, a good helmet, with a price proportional to its quality and with good overall performance.

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