Who has not imagined being King or Queen for a day? Well, my dear cycling friends, G4 has done it for you! The new collection of cycling apparel "King" and "Queen", especially conceived and designed by Geoffroy Lequatre, will indeed make you kings and queens on all your winter outings, making you heavy of heart, even in extreme weather, if you have to leave your bike in the garage! As always this new clothing range uses innovative, lightweight, high-tech materials offering each and every one of its "royal subjects" comfort, warmth, optimal ventilation and perfect moisture management.

The products are versatile in that they are all "2 in 1". They have been developed in collaboration with professional and amateur athletes. This kit will afford you a 'royal' sense of well‐being and total protection from the elements. You will also find a large range of accessories to complete your regal collection: gloves, hats, headbands, water/windproof shoe covers, socks, windproof vest … It's up to you to choose. But one thing is sure, as Geoffroy Lequatre so often says: "Cycling friends dress well!” So, cycling friend (s), don’t hesitate to join in and "Be Addicted" to G4.