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SCOTT is proud to introduce the ITD ProTec Technology. This one of a kind blend of Carbon yarns and ceramic prints provides a fabric with very high abrasion resistance, especially in the case of high speed crashes. The SCOTT RC ProTec outfit is the very first bikewear kit featuring this technology and will be available to end-consumers in 2015.


In the racing scene, crashes at high speed happen all the time, normally not causing broken bones, but definitely tearing the skin. This mainly leads to gnarly infections and in most cases, a recovery period of 3 to 4 weeks.


In close cooperation with schoeller, SCOTT developed the ITD ProTec-Technology, to provide a significantly higher abrasion resistance than regular fabrics. Inspired by the sailing industry, the knit Carbon yarns a ensure higher breakage strength, as well as an antibacterial effect. This combined with the ceramic printing on the fabric leads to high robustness and durability, even for crashes on asphalt at high speed.


This special fabric has been tested for 2 years by schoeller with pro teams, as well as by SCOTT with in-house product testers. In addition to these on-field tests, an external laboratory analyzed the fabric with ITD ProTec-Technology and compared it to other normal fabrics used in the bikewear industry. Among the other positive results, it is now proven that fabrics featuring the ITD ProTec-Technology have significantly better strength and higher abrasion resistance protecting the rider’s skin from heavy abrasion in case of crashes.


SCOTT is proud to be the first bikewear brand to use schoeller abrasion resistant inserts in its products, with the exclusive use of this technology for the next 2 years. Named “ITD ProTec-Technology”, these inserts are used on the shoulders of the RC ProTec shirt and on the sides of the ProTec bibshorts to offer more protection to riders.