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Uvex Helmets is a leading manufacturer of bicycle helmets and an integral part of an industrial group of international importance. We had a chance to see how they made their helmets and learn more about the history of Uvex. The Company was founded in 1926 by Mr. Winter, in Furth, a company specializing in the production of glasses for sports and industry.

The success of the Winter products, this the initial name of Uvex, was based on quality, which has allowed them to rapidly expand. Uvex brand born in 1960, stands for UV Filter, Winter, in fact, was among the first companies to produce lenses with UV filters. Following an expansion in various international markets with the creation of subsidiaries around the world. If Uvex Sports following the world of sports, Uvex Industrial production continues to produces clothing and accessories for the safety of those working in the industry. Over time, add the marks Alpina and Filter, which together with Uvex Sports and Uvex Industrial up the Uvex Winter Holding. Today the group has three production sites for Uvex Sports and six sites for Uvex Industrial.

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