Tifosi is an American brand leading manufacturer of sport sunglasses. Born in 2003 with headquarters in Wikinsville in Georgia, has established itself on the market thanks to its high quality products. Tifosi eyeglass lenses are resistant polycarbonate, unbreakable, guaranteed years, and are resistant to any impact. They are characterized by a small slot on the side that allows air ventilation and prevents fogging. Allow a clear and broad vision, protect the eyes 100% from harmful UVA/UVB and any object that can get knocked over during use (such as pebbles or insects). The lenses are interchangeable and are available in a variety of colours and combinations, are characterized by a reflective coating that reduces glare and eye strain by allowing the wearer to have a clear view of the ground and see if there are any dangerous holes. The eyeglass frame is made of a nylon material "homopolyamide" known for its extreme flexibility, lightness and resistance to chemical and UV damage. The temples and the nose pads are designed to ensure a perfect grip even in wet conditions. Resistant to the ravages of time and sun, can fit any shape of your face ensuring optimum comfort.