After optimizing the shape and materials of the Deva bottle cage with pro riders like Niki Terpstra, Tacx kept on pushing the limits of what was possible in order to make it even more lightweight. The result is the Ciro!

When we combined Smart technology with a direct drive trainer, the indoor training experience was elevated to a totally new experience level. The global response to the NEO has been phenomenal and this has fuelled our desire to develop a range of trainers that will make this training experience available to a larger group of cycling enthusiasts. The result is highly functional, capable and intuitive device with its own distinctive silhouette.



An abundance of training options is offered by Tacx, with their Smart trainers. They enable you to select the software fitting your specific needs. This also applies to the Vortex, the latest trainer in the Smart series.


A Smart trainer can be connected quick and easy to a tablet and smartphone, or a computer. With help of the software you can organise your training session according to your needs. You can train based on slope, power or heart rate, ride famous races and routes, explore Virtual Reality worlds and/or race online against your friends. The available training options depend on the device you connect the trainer to: a tablet, smartphone or computer.


The Tacx Cycling app for smartphones or tablets can be downloaded for free in the Play store or App store. If you choose to train with a PC or laptop and expand your training options, you’ll need the Upgrade Smart to use the Tacx Trainer software.


Average training level

Just like the Bushido, the first trainer in the Smart series, the Vortex allows you to train exactly as you like. The maximum resistance of the trainer’s electro brake during a sprint (10sec) is 950 Watt.


Apart from a power cable, the Vortex is completely wireless. The trainer communicates with your tablet, smartphone or computer via ANT+ and Bluetooth® Smart technology and also with most training accessories such as a heart rate belt.


‘‘A better cyclist thanks to the software’’

‘‘With the right software you can become a better cyclist’’, says sports scientist Jim van den Berg of the Tacx Training Centre in Amsterdam. ‘‘Cycling with the software provides training data that can be analysed and used to optimise your training routine. With the Catalyst function you create your own routes, giving you the possibility to train accurately according to power output or heart rate. Without any interference like those you encounter when training on the road at high speeds. With a Tacx trainer you can do exactly what needs to be done.’’


Van den Berg prefers to have the cyclists he guides to train on the Tacx trainer, even when the weather is nice. It provides a very efficient and effective training session. ‘‘Dedicated training is never boring because the software keeps you continuously informed of your progress. Training is always exciting if you focus on your objectives; both outside as well as inside.’’


Availability and suggested retail price

The Vortex Smart is available for sale now. The suggested retail price is € 449,-.