Many innovations by Skins for 2010.

First in clothing compression gradually expands its range with three different lines of clothing: Compression, Elite and Pro, in addition to the Triathlon line. The Elite and Pro have a number of items both summer and winter do not have a gradual tissue compression but highly breathable fabric and anti UV light, the items in summer, and high insulating for winter clothes. There is also a waterproof jacket with an open back that allows you to reach directly to the pockets of mesh. The choice of fabrics and the positioning of the stitching is chosen according to different areas of the body so as to improve the driving comfort and prevent irritation. It also features a range of measures such as protection for the zip, to avoid premature decay of the item and even discomfort during the march. A number of details, then, distinguish women leaders, such as dedicated bottoms, the colours, the cut for the anatomical morphology of female and many other details. The range Compression has been further evolved with a series of long or short-sleeved garments in which particular attention was paid to the degree of compression on the muscles holding the fabric according to the different muscle groups. Also present a range of underwear, always of the Compression series, which being associated with a front perforated zip mesh networking can be opened, becoming a regular underwear with high breathability.

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