A classic line SIGG: safe, practical and elegant is suitable for a tourist and recreational cycling

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SIGG was born in Switzerland in 1908 as a company specialized in the production of household items, including water bottle.

Already in 1917, however, focuses on the production of aluminum water bottles. In 1980 become a leader industry, offering the first aluminum bottle and in 1992 proposed new colourful and size of its water bottles. In 1993, its product is exposed at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York, while in 2006 creates the new Active Bottle stopper. In 2008, celebrating 100 years of activity, confirming the specific market leaders.

SIGG products

SIGG has a very wide range of water bottles, everything is made of aluminum. Line Design offers a number of water bottles from the graphic details and distinctive, then Classic lines, while the line Kids has dedicated graphic for children. Exists then a line of accessories, spare parts (plugs, etc.) and other objects made of aluminum (the line Steelworksc). The flasks may have different capacities we start from the smallest to 0.3l, then 0.4l, 0.6L, 0.75L, 1L, 1.5L. There are three different plugs with our water bottles can be provided with: the classic "Screw", the "bottle cap" which is a screw cap with a hood to protect against dirt and cap "Active Bottle" with automatic opening. Among the various accessories, signals, the bag-backpack to carry the water bottle, thermal bags to keep fresh or hot liquids, cleaning kit, shoulder bags and many other accessories designed for the transport and care products SIGG.

The bottle on test: SIGG Sports Classic Touch

Classic line of SIGG has in Sports Touch the water bottles that can be adapted better to use a bike or in any sport. Have a capacity of 0.75L and are offered in white, red, black, blue, purple and black with logo SIGG. Like all the water bottles SIGG is in aluminum with a special anti-skid paint and very resistant to scratches. The series features the Touch Sports Active Bottle stopper, this is composed of the cap that pops up, then you turn the wheel, with the open position and closed with the touch of her lips opens the passage of the liquid. Of course the bottle can be equipped also of the other SIGG plugs. The bottle has a weight, we found, 148 grams.

Road test

SIGG bottle is really a particular product, at least for the industry cycle, well made and well cared in painting and particular, the cap also helps to make special appearance. Unfortunately, the size, diameter and height (at least in the case of the model 0.75L), are unable to place it in the normal bottle cage. This is why its use in a bike goes together with the appropriate bag SIGG, which allow it to hold the water bottle and some small objects (car keys, cell phone or documents). This aspect precludes its use ideal for sports or racing, as the weight higher than the classic plastic water bottles. But tourism and recreational use of the bike there are problems. The backpack is worn with ease and is also practical. The aluminum bottle is easy to fill and the cap is a perfect sealing. Among the parts SIGG, also seals the cap stop, so as to ensure the watertight integrity for years. Cleaning should be done by hand and not in the dishwasher to avoid damaging the paint, which is recognized, however resistant to scratches and impact, and ensure a miliary clean interior. To this end, useful is the cleaning kit that allows a SIGG water bottle total hygiene, possibly associated with the SIGG cleaning tablets. The advantage of aluminum, compared to plastic products, is that we make no substance or odor in the liquid is not attacked by sugars and is 100% hygienic, as well as recyclable and lasts well above the normal plastic. Use anti-skid paint is valued, and after a while also the kind of openness. For the transport by car or when there is no frequent use, the cap to be placed on a closed ring, so true that absolute security does not come out the liquid, then leave the bike on ring opened, and in this way is enough to lift the cap coverage and press his lips on the cap to release the liquid. Even with the ring in the open position we have never see leakage, and the cap pass is useful for keep clean the area of contact with the mouth. At first, used to crush the classic plastic water bottles, one is banned, then they went into the habit. The flow of liquid leaving the cap is still an amazing value. Functionality and convenience are never less shame to take the bottle must stop or slow the march to different than with a standard bottle cage. For this can not be a water bottle to use for sports, but in tourism there are no problems.


The SIGG bottle is really a great product. Perfect in its implementation, with particular aesthetic is also practical to use. The advantages of aluminum are in better hygiene, easier cleaning and last long, in addition to not affect the taste of liquids. Unfortunately for use on a bike is the size limit that precludes its use with normal bottle cage. Knapsack SIGG is useful and practical, but obviously can not please the most discerning cyclists and athletes. The cycle tourists, those who make recreational use of bicycles, however, will not have problems, the contrary. Appreciate the plug from the true airtight, easy to drink and protection from dirt of the party remains in contact with the mouth. Then the different sizes (up to 1.5L) as well as various accessories, such as thermal bags, which can only increase the convenience and quality. They do not even have to complain about the superior weight from a normal plastic bottle, but really appreciate the reliable completion SIGG.

Is suitable for

SIGG is suitable for all cyclists that do not use bike for athletic/sports, cycle tourists and hikers.


The price is around 18.00 Euros; obviously higher than a traditional plastic bottle, but aligned to the category of aluminum sports bottle. Considering the build quality and the type of cap the price-quality rapport is more than good.

Positive aspects

Build quality

Resistance and durability

Range of colours and sizes

Range accessories and spare parts

Negative aspects

Missing a dimension that can be inserted into a bottle cage for bike

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