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A good helmet for ventilation, comfort and safety

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The Rudy Project WindMax helmet comes in three different colours based on red, black and gray, and two sizes (S/M and L).

The shell is made with the usual in-molding construction technique, is made of polycarbonate and reinforced with a fiber called FybraTek, so to put 21 holes for ventilation without compromising the strength of the same shell shock. The interior is made of polystyrene. The helmet is equipped with a new control system, still with rear wheel, but with the new retention system, adjustable in height, and wheel redesigned and more compact. Two internal padding, with or without anti-insect net, removable and washable. Series, in addition to the bag helmet holder, also removable visor, which are attached directly to the helmet, available in two versions: the street (aero) and the Mtb (largest and most protective). The strap is made of polypropylene, while the chin is made of microfibre. These inserts Reflective material to enhance visibility passive. In size S / M has a weight of 220 grams.