RH+ has a brand new collection for 2011. The Velocity line is the more technical and addressed to the agonists. Power Logic has a range in the anatomical fit and preformed.

The fabric has large areas and parts of the net woven united by laser welding, thus avoiding seams. Also in the collection Velocity range Pro Logic, which is characterized by many solutions in common with the Power Logic range, but with some simplifications that lower the price and make the range more suitable for those cyclists who are looking for a leader in quality, but without exaggerations techniques.

Zero/2000 line is dedicated to those who do freeride and cross country cycling, so more suitable for use with technical mtb. Then a large collection of clothing, less technical, but distinguished by their high build quality and a new collection of accessories. Finally, a range of sports eyewear.

RH+ mark Zero Industry, wants to be outstanding for quality, technology, design and Italian style of their products, suited to address the nature of action sports and active life in every condition and type of performance.

The origins of amateur cycling RH+ are in high level, characterized by great attention to detail and technical products. Experience in cycling, now sports trendy outdoor addition to technical reference, the concept was born zero/2000 migrating these specificities, to disciplines related to fatigue, durability, performance, style. The passion for sport driving the technical decisions of the Heads zero/2000, with a strong concept that multitasking makes them suitable for many situations of use in summer and winter mountain trails, bike touring, bicycle trips, hiking, sailing match racing, hiking, easy outdoor spa, freeride, winter walking.

RH+ offers three collections designed for live sports and active life at 360 degrees, 365 days a year: