Look very particular; lightweight, highly technical, everything is running performance, with the granting of a single graphics

The Company

P6 is a "brand" of Ellegi, Tuscan Company based in Pistoia. It has always committed in the world of cycling the two ranges, Ellegi and P6, differ in the materials used, finishing and graphics. Voted to "high consumption" the mark Ellegi, closer to the style and finish the mark P6 which is, in fact, the "flagship" of the group headed by Sandro Pisaneschi, the tireless patron of the Company. Many teams are sponsored by the group Ellegi/P6 include the teams Cinelli OPD, Nippo Endeka and many other teams, professional and amateur.

The range Ellegi/P6

A complete range of clothing, all customizable, make the group Ellegi one of the best interlocutors that a team can have. From the choice of graphics, the material Ellegi always manages to satisfy the desires of their customers. Added to this is a normal production line on which the new model "Cuore Italiano" is the highest expression. The possibility of choosing between pads specific to men and women, with or without ventilation holes to complete a range, not very large but very technical. In this Ellegi/P6 differs from other large factory in the sector, while others, in fact, aimed at leaders "fashion" the Company Tuscan tends more to the point, with heads very technical, where nothing gets done unless absolutely all functional use of sport.

The "Cuore Italiano" we tried

It is a name chosen by the high-flying P6 for this product, a name chosen to emphasize the passion for their work and the pride of a working entirely craft and Italian. Both the mesh that the bib shorts are made in Lycra and available in a double switch, man and woman, in two basic colours: white and black. The mesh has the long zip and two rear pockets, one size bottle, the other larger and more capable. Missing silicon on the shorts, solution adopted by other companies. The zip also to facilitate the taking, has an eye-cord, another solution abandoned by others in favour of minimal hooks. The graphics, very special and personal, it is perfectly printed and resistant to washes, as we saw during the test. The bib shorts based on the mesh, with a cut very technical, pierced on the back and the pad studied by P6, the HT90: very lightweight and compact, to get good comfort, good aeration and weight. As for the shirt missing some details in the competition: there is a pocket or silicon at the bottom of the shorts. Perfect, however, the silkscreen. Both are available in sizes from xs to xxl. The mesh to the extent s has a weight of 141 grams, while bib shorts has a weight of 176 grams always to the extent s, as noted with our instrumentation.

The road test

The complete Cuore Italiano leave a good impression, well made and with a graphic very particular, any one can fall in love, or you can detest, certainly does not pass unnoticed. The T-shirt is well made with the seams perfect, but we see that the works had little time to complete the item, with some final thread left longer than the amount due. This does not affect the quality and comfort of the item, but mortifying the work of those who carried out. The graphics, as mentioned, are perfect. In a period where other factory look to fashion and style here has tended to the point. The zip is big and can be seen, with the long cord for clip or two back pockets configured for the bottle and the rain jacket and energy bars when others make up for the phone and other things that have little to do with cycling. Missing silicon at the end of the T-shirt, a "must" for other companies. Yet everything works better, everything is perfect. Who does cycling at the "pub" will remain disappointed by these absences, but who goes seriously by bicycle can not but appreciate the choices made. The large zip facilitates the opening and closing of the T-shirt when you bike and is a moment of the climb to open and reseal the top. The long cord is perfect and useful for a fast and secure look. The back pocket, a measure of bottle, allows you to bring a more in a safe manner, while the rest place in the big pocket, there goes and everything is perfect for long bike tours. Although no particular cuts is easy to take and deposit the material in the pockets. T-shirt remains steady in place also without silicon. The only flaw is a breathability not at the top, certainly hampered by elaborate graphics, but also because we tried the item with hot temperatures, while more humane temperatures (25