Moa, Nalini brand, presented the collection 2012 at EICA 2011. New winter jackets, with an emphasis on breathability and new collection team, which replicates in tissues and the complete technical devices used by the teams sponsored by Moa. More attention to womens wear, with graphics and fabrics manufactured in-house by Moa, always studied the anatomical cut to fit perfectly to the female body.


In exclusive preview we tried one of the first item of clothing of the new collections Moa Sport; technology, aesthetics and maximum performance for a new landmark in clothing on cyclists

The Company

After years in which Moa Sport, the company founded in 1970 by Vincenzo and Claudio Mantovani, has marketed its products under the brand Nalini, Moa has decided to present a comprehensive collection of clothing for cyclists with the brand Moa, already technical sponsor of important Pro Tour teams, like Columbia, Fran