KASK helmets has launched its allnew and revolutionary road racing helmet, the INFINITY – the trailblazer for an entirely new helmet category.

Weighing just 270g, the revolutionary helmet has been developed from the chin strap up in collaboration with Team Sky to produce a high end road race helmet that meets the specific demands of this Tour de France winning team. The INFINITY has already seen service with Team Sky in this year’s Tour de France in their hunt for yellow.

The concept The brief was to create a helmet that combines the same high performance aero advantages of the fully closed KASK helmets that Team Sky have used to Grand Tour winning effect, together with a fully vented road race helmet that ensures optimal cooling in high temperatures, on mountain ascents, and in sprint stages.

The result is the INFINITY: the first ever bicycle helmet that allows the rider to switch the vents from fully closed, for maximum aero performance, to fully open for optimum ventilation and cooling for temperature management – and all whilst in the saddle.


Born from the Bambino TT

The INFINITY was born from the same concept as KASK’s Bambino TT helmet: with a fully rounded profile ensuring that no sharp edges or angles interfere with the air flow.

Even when the helmet’s vents are fully closed, a high level of ventilation is still guaranteed thanks to two special internal airflow channels that are fed by two frontal openings. With this system, air enters the helmet from the front and follows through the internal channels – cooling the wearer – and exits from the rear exhaust ports.


Optimised aerodynamics and ventilation

KASK optimises the aero performance still further with the use of a side rib that has been developed after extensive research and testing to break the airflow in such a way as to reduce to a minimum the low pressure air bubble that would otherwise be created to the rear of the helmet.

The result? Ultra low air turbulence delivering minimal drag and maximum aero performance.

The vents are quickly and easily open or closed by adjusting the mobile aerator, situated on the top of the helmet, by hand. Simply moving the hand briefly over the tacky gummycoated aerator is enough to open or close the vents, as required. Of course, the vents can also be partially opened or closed to deliver a regulated amount of ventilation, as dictated by the rider or conditions.

The position of the aerator also boosts safety: the area is reinforced with an internal plastic substructure that increases crash protection to maintain the helmet’s integrity in the event of an impact.


Exceptional comfort

The special internal ‘3D Dry’ tridimensional padding is based on the innovative multilayer open cell construction process to ensure exceptional comfort and performance at all times thanks to:

The presence of several ventilation holes that reduce the headtopad contact surface by 70% compared to standard designs

5mm thick padding that draws moisture away from the head and moves it to the outer part of the helmet for fast evaporation

Excellent transpiration thanks to a threeway evaporation system

Coolmax padding in the front of the helmet absorbs sweat highly effectively

Soft regulator in nylon

The antiallergic and washable ecoleather chinstrap and chin pad are extremely comfortable and help prevent skin irritation. The chinstrap incorporates soft lateral spacers which, thanks to their shape, enable excellent ventilation to alleviate that unpleasant ‘sweaty strap’ feeling.

The helmet also benefits from:

A self adjusting lateral divider: this provides great comfort for the user and also requires minimal adjustment to achieve a perfect fit. After putting on the helmet and fastening the chin strap, the divider automatically moves to fit comfortably around the rider’s ear lobe.

The ergonomic design guarantees a great fit for all head shapes and sizes, ensuring freedom of movement and excellent ventilation

KASK’s patentpending



The KASK INFINITY is ideal for professional and competition cyclists, but its exceptional versatility and ventilation also makes it ideal for climbing lovers and some track races, too.


EUR 250

GBP 200

USD 360

AUD 360

YEN 35.000



Colour Options



White All Shine


Available in two sizes: M (4858 cm) and L (5962 cm)

Available to buy

Europe: December 2013

USA and AUS: January 2014




Kask in 2011 renewed the graphics and colors of its range of helmets. From the technical point of view remains unchanged characteristics of the range. Has been presented a new helmet for Time Trialand and Triathlon, studied together with the athletes of Team Sky and British Cycling Federation. Has different forms of the ordinary and special visor that is joined to the helmet magnet. This allows easy and quick replacement thereof, including race, where it is easy to remove the visor.

New Urban range too, with a new helmet.