The new power meter Garmin S is equipped with only one sensor integrated in the left pedal, that is able to provide the data of the power developed in an accurate and precise way with few differences compared to the Vector double sensor.



Thanks to its built-in accelerometer, VECTOR S measures the power directly from the pedal, by detecting the amplitude, the angle of the force and cadence during pedalling: in this way, VECTOR S measure the torsion of the pedal which, combined to the time of rotation of the crank arm, produces the value of the power in watts. With VECTOR S are supplied a pair of pedals Look Keo compatible with a measuring sensor integrated power and only a Pod that acts as a wireless transmitter. The sensor is housed inside the left pedal transmits data - with ANT + wireless protocol - at GPS Forerunner or Edge series that will show the information in real time on the display.

If then, once known and appreciated the power management, the cyclist also wanted to know the breakdown of watts between the left leg and the right side and the relative percentage of balance, will go to "VECTOR S Upgrade" by buying the right pedal and its Pod transmission of data, to see many more additional details of the power. Can be downloaded on the website Garmin Connect all the data of the workout or race, analyzing watt expressed in particular during climbs or "intermediate sprints", crossing the values with heart rate, cadence, speed, gradient ascent, outside temperature and much more.

VECTOR S is available from late September at the suggested retail price of 849,00 Euro.

The price of the additional right pedal is 649,00 Euro.