Dainese ArmoForm Knee Guard – Inspired by Nature and by Humans

Adding to Dainese’s comprehensive protection line for mountain bikers, the new ArmoForm knee guards feature an articulated hard-shell construction that provides unparalleled range of motion and protection for gravity athletes.


The thermoplastic polyethylene outer armor features a functional fractal design that helps to dissipate the energy of impacts to better protect the knee. This industry first provides better piercing prevention and fewer injuries from sharp objects and high speed crashes.

Inspired by nature – The fractal principle

The ArmoForm concept defines a new era in design aesthetic for protective gear inspired by the principle of ‘fractals’; natural and re-occurring design language used to create complex structures, found in many organic matter.

A fractal is a pattern that repeats itself at different scales, created by reitering a simple process over and over in an ongoing feedback loop. In these protective shells the geometric fractals pattern is a result of a repeating centripetal subdivision of polygons to triangular shapes.

The Dainese fractal scaling reticulation is both aesthetically beautiful and functionally brilliant by design. Inspired by nature, the ArmoForm sub-structure is defined by a supportive ribbing, with thicker pattern in high impact zones and tapered near the edges for mobility and flexibility.

The hard polyethylene shell used in ArmoForm is precedent setting for its ability to dissipate shock over a wider area, to slide across a crash surface and to prevent ‘piercing’, leading to less injury from sharp objects like rocks and branches as well as world class protection at high speed.

Inspired by Humans – The anatomic principle

Dainese is a world leader in the evolution and design in products that are Inspired by Humans, the anatomy and ergonomics of the human form always at the root of all products.

The shape of the ArmoForm pad is defined by both decades of expertise and rigorous contemporary R&D. The polyethylene shell is designed to “cradle” the most sensitive parts of the body with maximum airflow creating the perfect ‘feel’ for a more enjoyable riding experience, while providing legendary impact protection.

The ArmoForm is specifically designed to replicate the natural elongation and retraction of the knee joint allowing the knee to articulate more naturally keeping the pad anchored in one place, not “migrating” up or down the leg. ArmoForm is a ‘natural’ evolution in CE rated, lightweight, hard polyethylene protection with maximum breathability.


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