IQ-X Speed by Busch + Müller

150 Lux, aluminium design headlight, sportive use

In 2015, the German light specialist introduced the high-end headlight IQ-X with its aluminium design casing – the first dynamopowered headlight to cross the 100 Lux barrier.

This season brings IQ-X Speed, a combination of IQ-X and an external high-output battery. During sportive road cycling or offroad the IQ-X Speed reaches up to 150 Lux (for approx. 5 hours; low power mode: 30 Lux for approx. 25 hours). Its extensive light field is exceptionally wide, far and homogenous.

The IQ-X Speed’s universal mounting bracket is suitable for handlebar diameters from 22 to 32 mm. The headlight is also compatible with all GoPro mounts so its use is both versatile and flexible, e.g. on a helmet.

A second headlight may be connected to the external battery – this way, 300 Lux are reached. The battery is supplied with a special fast charging mains adapter, digitally displays its charging status and can be switched into “power bank” mode. In this mode, the battery can charge or power mobile USB devices.

High-endLED battery headlight with aluminium casing

External high output battery

150 Lux (approx. 5 hours) or 30 Lux (approx. 25 hours)

Extensive light field

With universal handlebar mount (22-32 mm handlebar diameter)

also compatible with all GoPro mounts

Battery digitally displays the remaining capacity

Two headlights on one battery: 300 Lux

Battery with power bank mode for charging/powering of mobile

USB devices

Approved for all bicycles

IQ-X Speed, type 164B

German SRP €249.00

Available 2017.


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